When it comes to footwear, sneakers are known to be the best and most affordable. Also, they are casual, easy to wear, friendly and trendy. Everyone irrespective of age, status and nationality has sneakers in their wardrobe.

If this style is your forte, and you want footwear that makes you look appealing and stylish, here are some sneaker types you should buy.


Plimsolls are common sneaker types you can find in the shops. They are super trendy and can blend well with all types of outfits. If you want to be casual, formal or social, Plimsolls are a great choice.

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Slip-on sneakers

Slip-on sneakers are a laceless type of plimsolls which are suitable for people who want comfort and style. If you desire a fashion sense that is similar to a minimalist yet trendy, then slip-on sneakers might be an ideal choice.

Athletic Kicks

When you want a sporting footwear added to your closes, and if you need something stylish, getting an athletic kick is recommended. The athletics vibes these shoes give make them unique when compared to other sneakers. It is a type of footwear that will attract your friends because of its appealing appearance. The brown type is nice, but you can also check the dark gray design because they are also affordable.

Tennis shoe sneakers

Having a pair of white sneakers is great, especially for a fashionable personality. These shoes rank very high in looks, durability, and versatility. They go extremely well in formal and traditional outfits. For those who want something fancy that cannot go undetected, they should go for these sneakers.

High Top sneakers

When shopping for footwear to put on your shoe rack, you can’t go wrong with a high top sneaker. They are known as utility footwear because you can use them for sports, they are great for recreation, and you could also wear them to parties. However, ensure you team them up properly with the right trousers, like chinos and joggers. Irrespective of the price of this type of sneaker, you shouldn’t think twice when you come across these shoes.

Velcro sneakers

Many people find it awkward when lacing their shoes. Others just want excellent footwear with laces. If you want sneakers with laces that go perfectly well with your clothing, Velco is your best bet. It will accentuate your fashion ensemble with the right blend of clothing. Velcro sneakers come in an array of color combinations, which makes you look smart when you wear it among your friends.

Denim Sneaker

When we talk of Denim, many people tend to think of jeans or jackets. Denim sneakers are a great fashion choice for those who are bold. It isn’t a common choice for everyone, however, if you can find the perfect blend, you will be glad you bought these sneakers type.

They usually come in blue, white, and other bright colors. The low prices of these sneakers are also major side attractions, as you will be getting quality sneakers at nice rates.

Sneakers remain one of the best choices when considering footwear in your closet. There are many types of sneakers depending on your budget and your outings.