Trendy Sweaters and Accessories on Mahogany Cashmere in 2021
Do you need a one-stop sweater and accessories shop for your family? is your answer. The online store stocks multiple design sweaters for males and females, representing different trends. Besides, the shop also has socks, gloves, bonnets, shawls and muffles to complement. In essence, you can find anything that can keep you warm at the store.

Mahogany-Cashmere has a long history in fabrics, spanning over 15 years. They create top-quality garments from our Nepalese manufacturer, whose experience in sweater making is unrivalled. They are hand-made, which expands the creativeness to produce unique sweaters. Over time, the business has expanded to include outlets in the United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Italy, France and Germany.

Types of Garments on

The online sweater store has transcended from tailor-made suits and shirts into a renowned sweater distributor. They have improved their craft to make high-quality products that resonate with people across age brackets. They have over 150 styles of making sweaters and other accessories, presented in over 40 colours. One thing standards our among all Mahogany-Cashmere products; quality.

Cashmere for Ladies

Cashmere has a variety of sweaters for ladies, ranging from jumpers to standard sweaters. Each design has at least 8 different colour shades, with others going as far as 48 shares. The sweaters range from casual to official, pull-necks to v-shaped, and zipped to complete. Notably, ladies have the biggest colour range compared to men, thanks to their eye for fashion. Some of the popular sweaters from the list include Pucci, Solange, Elodie, Louisa, to mention but a few. We also have sweaters for different occasions based on their thickness and colour themes. Visit the online shop to choose what suits you.

Cashmere for Men

Cashmere jumpers for men also ooze class, thanks to their customised designs. They are versatile and can fit on different occasions. Cashmere sweaters range from round-necked, polo, pull neck and zipped turtleneck. The men’s sweater material comes from Mongolia, making it the best bet for warmth and style. It is soft, silky and prepares you for the cold winter. The sweaters are comfortable for both casual and official engagements. Some of the most popular brands include Gaspard, Nestor, Alexandre, Henri, Achille and Maddox.


Mahogany-Cashmere has various accessories to complete their range of sweaters. They come in different colours and act as a compliment or colour-block. Some of the most common accessories include:-

  • Scarves – they are the most popular of all the accessories. They come in different colours, but maintain the same quality as the sweaters. Scarves are the best compliment to sweaters, especially for cold weather.
  • Gloves – there are cashmere gloves for both adults and children, thanks to their soft and silky nature. The store also stocks children’s mittens.

Other accessories include pashminas, bonnets and snoods. If you want to create a lasting impression, consider the accessories as gifts to your loved ones.


They are ideal stay-home clothes since they are soft, light and cosy. The bathrobe and trousers are excellent monotony-breakers from contemporary clothing. Other cocooning attires listed include leggings, plaids and cashmere trousers. makes family shopping possible, thanks to the variety of sweaters and accessories on offer. Its products have a multiple colour range and cuts across situations and occasions. Although sweaters are the leading products, other woollen products match and mix, creating an exotic look. With the growing catalogue, more products feature in the store, most of which are game-changers. Take advantage of the occasional discounts and get the value for money.